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Burning The Prospect - Fires in their cities 7"

Image of Burning The Prospect - Fires in their cities 7"

£0.50 - On Sale

RTR003 – 2 songs, one sided 7”
1. Fires in their cities
2. Force fed



The awesome destructive power of Burning The Prospect is barely contained on this fun little platter. While they basically play thrashy hardcore, with all the usual connotations and accoutrements the genre entails, the band are simply so damn good at it, banging out riff after riff of gnarly Entombed-esque action, raging speed more than matched by the crushing heaviness, with a catchy thread of melody through the two tracks on here. It sounds absolutely massive, and while it’s a shame it’s only a one-sided record, it is being sold for cheap. Expect their first album soon on FETO, the label co-run by Shane Embury of Napalm Death fame!


“The first thing I thought when I put this record on was “wow, this sounds like HIS HERO IS GONE!” which isn’t a bad thing. This crust band from the UK plays fast and heavy, down tuned brutality, with a lot of slower ultra heavy break downs. This also reminds me a lot of ARTIMUS PYLE. Right there you’ve got two solid comparisons, so if that’s your bag, then pick this up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. (Righteous)”